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They could be at your estate sale. Or maybe someone that you meet through family, especially your Mom. Other places? The movies, a concert, a sporting event, working with kids or even gambling Vegas, anyone? Do you hit the gym daily? Look there. Take a certain route home?

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Actually, your partner will probably find you. Maybe at a dinner party, work event. Something where a RSVP might be required.

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You could also meet them somewhere strange like a hospital or cemetery. Perhaps traveling in another country. Learning a language. Studying a new religion. Also likely that you could meet your partner while at University.

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Maybe even at work. This relationship could also affect your career. OR, you might carry on a long-distance or online relationship. Where else might you meet? Perhaps through an organization you both belong to, or through mutual friends. Perhaps your relationship is taboo for some reason. Or you could meet while volunteering at a mental hospital or homeless shelter. If you want to dig deeper, email me about booking a session at paigeastro gmail. Interested in learning more about how you can work with your natal chart?

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Sign in. Get started. When will you fall in love? Paige Steele Follow. PaigeAstro As above, so below.

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PaigeAstro Follow. As above, so below. Write the first response. He is known on Youtube as Mr Astrotheology , and as the name implies he has an excellent grasp of the workings of this very esoteric subject. It seems Astrotheology may be at the center stage for unraveling the mysteries behind this construct we find ourselves in. It is truly big picture material on a cosmic scale. There are many voices out there that are making these connections as well such as Richard Hoagland , Michael Tsarion. Although I would argue that Santos has taken this subject to a new level way beyond what anyone else has done in the recent awakening movement , and for that there are no comparisons to Santos work on this subject matter , well done brother!

How everything is based on our sun and the celestial bodies and their movement through the cosmos , for example there are 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the zodiac , the 12 disciples of Jesus , 12 hours on the clock , 12 days of Christmas , 12 degrees of separation and on and on. The angles of the chambers pointed most accurately to certain points in the heavens. The concepts of numerology and sacred geometry seem to get their roots in this civilisation.

In Mesopotamia, during the Third Millennium BC, we see evidence of the first attempts at divination, i. This was achieved by combining observations of movements in the heavens with the analysis of such things as chicken entrails!


This was the birth of the prototype of the horoscope chart. Charts were cast for specific points of time, suggesting the observation of the relationship between events in the heavens and events on Earth. Indeed, the Chaldean race the Southern Babylonians became synonymous with the concept of Astrology. In BC the Greeks conquered Egypt. Egypt became the absolute centre of Astrology, combining Greek science and philosophy with Egyptian and Babylonian star-law and myth. Hence planetary mythology emerged. This was the period when Greco-Roman gods derived their names. Thus the Chaldean order was born.

He gave the scientific basis of Astrology as we know it, and the basic philosophy of the heavens. He understood the principle of the equator and the celestial sphere. He identified the planetary paths as they revolved in our solar system. He also felt very powerfully that we all were very much unconsciously aware of our connections to the larger order.

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An essence suffused throughout Heaven and Earth. Seasonal influences are represented in the differing qualities of the signs of the zodiac. This was called the Tropical Zodiac. Meanwhile, in India and Southeast Asia, Astrology had developed in a slightly different way. They kept faith with measuring the zodiac from the fixed star constellation of Aries. This is known as a Sidereal Zodiac.

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