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Now the geometric mean of the Sun's essential dignity and that of the planet itself is used. This makes combustion more severe for planets lacking essential dignity in the sign they are placed in, and less severe for planets having essential dignity. These three changes have all improved statistical significance. Letter grades A-F for the six essential dignity levels have replaced the previously used initials of sometimes widely unknown internal terms.

By default no indications come with undefined dignities. The so called crown dignity in earlier previews, more properly called domicile dignity, now gets an A or a , the exalted dignity gets a B, the assisted dignity a C, the hindered dignity a D, the earlier, so called, debilitated dignity, often called fall, gets an E, and, like before, the lowest dignity gets an F. Gender matters for essential dignity. The chart for a woman with, by default, secondary dignities especially a, b and c , will see the integrity score rise when the correct gender has been entered in the chart info turning 'a' to 'A' and 'b' to 'B', etc.

The reverse is true if the chart features mostly primary dignities turning 'A' to 'a', 'B' to 'b', etc.


If you are using a pointing device, you can click the new chart info label 'Gender' once for a man and twice for a woman. This will enter an 'M' for a man and a 'W' for a woman unless you have already entered something in the entry field, in which case you can now overwrite it by typing on the keyboard. If you enter an 'm' or a 'w', the 'm' becomes 'M' and the 'w' becomes 'W' when focus leaves the entry field.

Default object influences have increased for Uranus 53 , Neptune 34 , Pluto 10 and the lunar nodes , and decreased for Lilith 5. The change for the lunar nodes is minor The AK is still not a factor in the automatic chart analysis, but it will be in the next regular update. There were some wrong stats in one of the previous special updates TP The correct stats are as follows: Mercury and the Sun are the most common atmakarakas in the C group, followed by Mars.

Venus and Saturn clearly trail the rest. In the T group Jupiter and Venus are the most common atmakarakas, followed by Saturn. In the atmakaraka summary stats, you can now view the average 'dignity' of the atmakarakas for a group of charts. Compared with special update TP60 this update includes a number of fixes and improvements. The chain integrity was wrong in some cases. It was also impossible to completely disable chaining.

In addition, in the most recent earlier previews with all factors except debasement disabled, it was impossible to reach the expected 50 percent integrity of the C control group. This was due to a compounding of essential dignity for all cases except where the dignity bestowed a planet was percent. These issues have now been resolved. Although the statistical significance comparing average integrities for the T and C groups of charts is less impressive using this preview, a number of other results make me favor this preview over the previous and the last regular update.

A Canadian serial killer not included in the T group scored greater than 70 percent integrity using TP The chart now scores below A fallen atmakaraka, Mars in Taurus, and an otherwise fairly dignified Moon makes the chart likely to score yet lower integrity in the next preview. The Unabomber now scores integrity below average, and Nidal Malik, the pseudo-psychiatrist who killed 13 people and wounded 30 others on a US army base, now scores significantly lower than before, putting his chart in the upper half of the Red category.

Both charts feature severely afflicted atmakarakas, Jupiter in Gemini for the Unabomber and Mercury combust for the pseudo-psychiatrist. Josef Fritzl, the Austrian who kept his daughter and the three children he had with her captives in a cellar for 24 years, now scores much lower integrity than in any previous preview. His chart scored above 40 percent integrity using TP Now it scores below Thanks to a highly undignified atmakaraka, Jupiter in Scorpio, the integrity score can be expected to drop even further in the next preview.

No murderers score above 60 percent integrity using this preview and only three charts in the T group score above All three belong to people convicted of fraud. The two top scorers belong to a man and a woman. The current integrity score is 73 for both charts TP According to classical astrology and supported by empirical tests, manly indications are less favorable for women and womanly indications less favorable for men.

The pre-alpha will take gender into account and since the woman's chart features mostly or even exclusively manly indications, the integrity score can be expected to fall below the 67 limit. With the correct gender information entered, it is already below the limit using this update. Saturn as the AK will reduce the score even further. The chart for Josef Fritzl might also see a small additional drop since it too features mostly womanly indications, incl. Venus in Taurus. This preview introduces new category limits. The new limits combine seven essential dignity limits with seven sankhya yoga limits.

The fourteen limits overlap each other except for the red and green limits. Two categories have been renamed. In the software they are abbreviated DR and YG. Violet at least Veena Yoga The new statistics show more charts scoring really low. This is due to factors being multiplied together and also the use of a geometric mean in many places, which results in a great number of dispositor chains scoring zero, or very close to zero, dignity. The rewritten analysis module will avoid zero-based factors except for combustion, planetary war and cuspal placement. No planet can have exactly zero essential dignity by sign, unless all planets are situated opposite their domiciles, but with Gola Yoga or Saturn as atmakaraka and for a fallen higher planet, such as Venus, they can come very close.

The rewrite will hopefully result in a significantly raised average integrity score for the C group. Another goal is to have as few charts as possible score below 8, the new upper limit for the Red category. All salesmen, players, puritans, sex offenders and frauds should score below 67, the new upper limit for the Blue category. All violent criminals should score below 58, the new upper limit for the Green category. They should also score inferior disgrace at least half the integrity.

All psychopaths, rapists, torturers and serial killers, and at least 99 percent of all other murderers, should score below 42, the new upper limit for the YellowGreen category. They should also score inferior disgrace greater than integrity. All thieves and psychotic people should score below 33, the new upper limit for the Yellow category.

They should also score superior disgrace greater than integrity. In addition, all druggies and psychotic people should have a clearly malignant Jupiter. At least 85 percent of all extra-ordinary violent criminals and at least 95 percent of all sadists, serial killers, serial or child rapists and pseudo-psychiatrists should score integrity below 16, the new upper limit for the Orange category. All perpetrators of extra violent crimes, most obviously sadistic killing, emotional abuse, massmurder and war crimes, but also violence against old people, children and animals, should score inferior disgrace at least twice the integrity.

If the perpetrator lacks harmful intent, but the victims still experience serious harm, then the perpetrator should score superior disgrace exceeding the integrity. All insane, moronic, jealous, idiotic or incompetent people should score integrity below 16 and inferior disgrace at least one third greater than the integrity. All dictators already score integrity below 16 using this preview.

More than two thirds of all dictators, war criminals, mad people and psychopaths should score below 8 and at least a third should score below 4. All mad people and anti-social psychopaths should also score inferior disgrace at least twice the integrity and have insufficient benevolence for Jupiter, or score inferior disgrace greater than integrity and have an extremely malignant Mercury, Mars or Sun.

They must also not have good or better idealness for Venus or Saturn. Atheists and all severely mentally retarded people should on average score integrity below 8 and have severely insufficient idealness for Mars or extremely insufficient idealness for the Sun and insufficient idealness for Mars. At least two thirds should also have clearly insufficient idealness for Saturn and none should have a very good or excellent Mercury.

All xenophobes, hypocrites, and clueless people prejudiced against astrology should score integrity below 8 and inferior disgrace at least three times the integrity. All diabolical liars, chronic psychopaths with especially low IQs, arrogant and pathetic dictators, false prophets, genuine and thus utterly unscrupulous and severely delusional alcoholics, extremely volent aggressors, and all other completely shameless people should score integrity below 4.

They should also score inferior disgrace at least four times the integrity. Fewer than 50 percent of the days of the last 7 cycles of Saturn should score integrity below 8. In the next preview the idealness values for most charts should increase very significantly. A small minority of the charts may see lower values. Most of these should feature undignified atmakarakas. An undignified AK can in the next preview greatly reduce the idealness for the Sun.

If the AK is more than ten degrees ahead of the Sun and the Moon, these planets may see most of their influence lost. Mars and Mercury will also be greatly affected, but not quite as much, and the higher planets should see smaller reductions only Saturn, the planet of strength, should see at most one seventh of its original influence lost.

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Correct gender info will be entered for all charts before the next regular update. The chart for Thomas Mann scores slightly lower in this preview category 7. His chart did qualify in some earlier previews and should do so again in a future preview. His chart features Kedara Yoga with combust ruler, AK enjoying exalted dignity in its sign - but its dispositor is combust, fully undignified Libra Moon. He is the founder of the World Psychiatric Association. He was also the president of the Canadian and American Psychiatric Associations in the s. If he were born early in the day his integrity score would be even lower than the figure listed.


The noon chart features Kedara Yoga with combust ruler, Saturn as AK fully undignified in Leo, the Moon enjoying some dignity in Aries, but with a combust dispositor. He killed 77 people in and near Oslo earlier this year. Perhaps the worst thing about this update is that so many dictators score above average integrity for the control, but at least their average is well below control average, and all 13 charts score in Orange or lower categories.

Many of the integrity scores can be expected to fall below average in the next preview. The correct default, which is Rahu exalted in Libra, has now been set. Some other essential dignity defaults have also changed: The Moon, when acting as itself which it mostly does not , is no longer exalted in Taurus and Libra, but instead in Pisces and Sagittarius.

It is assisted in Scorpio and Aries. Also Mercury is assisted in the same signs only swapping primary and secondary signs compared with the previous preview. Finally, the primary and secondary domiciles of the lunar nodes have been swapped. All colors, without exception, are now colorless. A few new keywords have been added, and six substitutions have been made. New in TP54 This is a minor update containing small adjustments of the automatic chart analysis. Since a relatively long time has passed since the last preview and this one increases statistical significance this is a fitting interim release until there is time to finish the bigger and better improvements still ahead.

These include reworked Sankhya Yoga, planetary war, and also residence analysis. The latter is the backbone of any chart analysis and results in a planet retaining all, some or none of its innate influence. Such influence is always classified as dignified. Influence which is not retained is transferred to the planetary lord of the residence. In this and earlier previews a planet that is a guest at another planet's residence and having no essential dignity there loses all its influence. A planet enjoying some essential dignity always transfers some of its influence classifed as dignified and the remainder as disgraced.

In the next preview the dignity of the dispositor will greatly affect how transferred influence is classified as dignified and disgraced. The result will be that some charts will see increased dignified influence and reduced disgraced influence. This means, for instance, that the there will be cases where the Sun in Aquarius will give Saturn dignified influence despite the Sun having no essential dignity in this sign.

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This can happen when the Sun's chain of dispositors carries essential dignity. Preliminary testing shows that this change might increase statistical significance. It should also help raise the average integrity score, since there will be a way for a planet to effectively operate at a more dignified level than its residence would otherwise immediately suggest. The effect of a planet operating at a less dignified level than its essential dignity by sign is already in place in this preview, but will be reworked to favor final dispostors and especially those enjoying full essential dignity.

This preview also has a new chart influence list with dispositor analysis. Cuspal range is reduced to 2,5 degrees. The effect of placement within cuspal range only applies to regular planets and not to points in space, such as the lunar nodes. A cusped planet rapidly gains strength as its distance to the cusp increases. The increase follows a simple sine curve. These two changes have effectively reduced the cuspal factor and have for the first time brought positive statistical significance to this factor as revealed by the "cusped" diagnostic below.

In the test group each and everyone of the seven classical planets has its influence more cusped than in the control! Minor dignities are now even more minor. The default minor dignities for Mars and Venus have been reversed. This deviates from the traditional exalted dignity of Mars in Capricorn. As a result Venus in Leo or Cancer contributes less integrity and more inferiority than before. The atmakaraka, the planet who has advanced the furthest in any sign, is still without effect in the automatic chart analysis.

The Sun is considered the natural atmakaraka. It generally spells better fortune, more fun and a more powerful self. Saturn shows worse fortune, more service and a less powerful self. If the AK is weak, for instance through a lack of essential dignity, the whole chart is supposed to be weak. Also if the AK is any other planet than the Sun or the Moon then the Sun and the Moon will lose influence to this planet. When using the automatic chart analysis it is always important to check the strength and dignity of the individual planets and not only the overall scores.

For Hosni Mubarak it is the grandiose and ruthless Mars. For Josef Stalin it is the reckless and self-applauding Jupiter spelling a huge superiority complex, and for Mao Zedong the unkind and invincible Saturn with an even greater sense of superiority. The changes in this release have improved statistical significance for the cusped diagnostic, inferior disgrace, and the integrity score. The ordering of individual charts has probably not changed much, but individual differences in integrity have of course seen a a lot of changes as is the case for the charts of actress Sandra Bullock and dictator Hu Jintao, where the chart for the more sympathetic actress now scores 12,89 17,04 and the chart for the less sympathetic dictator 6,37 9, The chart for Thomas Mann scores slightly lower in this preview 67, With this release only two dictators score above average for the control and most score in the Orange or lower categories.

The top two charts belong to Mao Zedong 20,36; 5,29; 71,77 and Fidel Castro 10,22; 31,56; 57, All the remaining charts score below the average for the control. Four charts score in the Yellow category: Francisco Franco's 6,85; 44,34; 47,53 , Hu Jintao's 6,37; 80,69; 11,19 , Josef Stalin's 6,28; 9,18; 80,49 and Vladimir Lenin's 6,27; 5,94; 86, Two charts score in the Orange: Benito Mussolini's 4,36; 91,56; 2,35 and Adolf Hitler's 4,11; 61,47; 32, One chart scores in the Red: Pol Pot's 1,86; 76,27; 21, The remaining four charts all score in the Black: Hosni Mubarak's 0,72; 44,15; 54,83 , Ho Chi Minh's 0,44; 67,32; 32,10 , Omar al-Bashir's 0,41; 55,36; 44,19 and Kim Jong-il's 0,33; 33,22; 66, The control group includes a subgroup of judges consisting of all the supreme court justices of the United States at the time of building the control.

Its average integrity score is 11,07 with a category average of 3, The test group has the following subgroups of at least charts: registered sex offenders 7,13; 49,06; 41,70 , past and present inmates on Alabama deathrow 7,51; 52,01; 38,26 , white female murderers 8,05; 48,54; 40,86 , assorted serial rapists and killers 7,21; 51,06; 39,72 , and people convicted of first degree murder 7,39; 50,32; 40, One subgroup scores well above average for the test group as a whole: The charts for 92 people in prison for fraud have an average integrity score of 9, This preview adds object influence aggregation as a final step in the chart analysis.

It has no effect on any overall metrics, such as the chart integrity score, but simply gathers the influence of all the included objects under six ultimate dispositors. Since only the classical planets rulers of the 12 signs of the zodiac can act as dispositors no other objects can receive influence anyway. The system thus transfers any influence retained by other objects to these ultimate dispositor objects.

In this scheme the Sun and the Moon together reveal the mentality and the brain as a physical organ. The Sun is to the Moon as Yang is to Yin, ie. Any influence carried by the Moon when acting as the dispositor for Cancer or retained when representing itself is transferred to the Sun. When the Moon represents another planet based on its aspect to the Sun its retained influence is transferred to the planet it represents.

Upon completion of this step there is an even number of six ultimate dispositors, each responsible for two signs one manly and one womanly. Following this release three planned major improvements remain to be implemented. Two will impact all charts: A redesign of the Sankhya Yoga analysis and a more dynamic residence analysis. The third will only affect a select group of charts. It targets planetary wars in the same sign as the Sun, which are not greatly or fully affected by combustion. In this and previous releases such wars are practically ignored as only the Sun is recorded as the winner.

The charts affected by the necessarily much more complex code change are quite few. In the case of Nixon's chart the change will have little effect in absolute terms as his chart already scores in the Red, while it may have great effect on the chart for the Una Bomber as the planetary war involves the sankhya yoga ruler and the chart's current score puts it in the upper Gray.

If you come across any other charts which deviate from what you expect with regard to the integrity score please let me know. In particular I know of no charts for serial killers, war criminals, serial rapists or mass murderers which score in the Blue or higher categories using this preview. The category limits will change in the next preview. The new limits will reflect the dignity levels innate to the seven sankhya yogas plus the two new minor residence dignity levels.

With these new limits it will be possible to attach certain astrological guarantees to the charts in each category based on the minimum sankhya yoga required to qualify in a particular category. The system will no longer be calibrated to yield an average integrity score of 10,00 for the C control group. The average is therefore expected to land higher, probably somewhere between 10 and For this reason some implementations may work well for statistical purposes, but may be too simplistic to yield accurate results for all individual charts.

The war factor is an example of a simplified implementation, which, by simply assuming the brightest planet in a sign to be the winner, can seriously underestimate the effect of multi-party wars under some circumstances. Dispositor chaining is an example of another factor that can be implemented in different ways with sometimes very different outcomes for individual charts.

Currently it uses a mix of weakest link, as well as the product of all links. Finally, different settings for the relative influences of the various objects may impact a few charts greatly. It has been designed to be an objective aid and should only be a complement to a full analysis by a Priest or similarly qualified person. Astrological charts are too complex to ever be completely digested by any automatic system of analysis.

In the case of this particular software it is still in its most early design stage and it will see signifcant changes - even in the very next release! The current implementation is also limited to so called essential indications independent of location and does not consider the just as important accidental indications, such as the Ascendant. Below the basic absolute numbers for total, dignified and disgraced influence, there are six new tables. On the first row you find "Balance", "Benevolence" and "Disgrace". Each value listed in these three tables is relative the ideal value for the planet, which is based on the initial influence set for the planet plus the influence of any other planets it lords over.

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On the second and last row you find "Dignity", "Idealness" and "Harmfulness". Dignity is dignified influence relative total influence. The bottom line averages are weighted means. The planets' weights correspond with the dignity of the associated sankhya yoga for the idealness average and its opposite for the harmfulness average, thus the Sun can never contribute idealness and Saturn never harmfulness. Mercury and Jupiter both carry the same weight 0,5. To the right of the percentage scores you may find signs indicating especially noteworthy numbers.

Stars indicate values that are close to the ideal, minus signs indicate insufficent influence, plus signs excessive influence, and exclamation marks potentially malignant influence. There can be 1 - 4 instances of each sign, with 1 indicating the lowest magnitude and 4 the highest. A list of possible general interpretations follows. Exclamation marks can reveal childish and diabolic behavior, along with gullibility, selfishness, bad temper, crankiness, power-fixation, addiction, melancholy, greed and depression.

When found under benevolence, plus signs can show too much of a good thing, such as too much publicity, too much power, too much fun or being too rich.

Hardware and Astrology Software Considerations for Astrologers

Minus signs for the Sun should reveal deficiencies of the brain, which can make for less enjoyment in life, lack of bravery, or spell more severe issues, including mental disability, ALS or other neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. A very short summary of possible interpretations for all the six dispositor planets follows. Roughly between a third and two thirds of the keywords in an applicable category should apply to any particular chart. Some keywords only apply to one of the two signs ruled by the planet and if that sign lacks any emphasis in the chart those keywords will miss the mark to some extent.

A few of the keywords, usually listed last in the category, only apply to extreme cases. For each sign the first seven or so keywords apply to the star category. The last keywords before the final comma apply to the malignant category. The first two tables on each row never show any exclamation marks, as there is never anything ominous about their values.

Conversely, the last table on each row never shows any stars, as its values are never promising. Instead dots are used to indicate safe values.

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A single dot indicates a somewhat safe value, two dots a usually safe value, three dots a very safe value and four dots shows there is extremely little or exactly nothing to worry about with regard to that particular planet. A somewhat safe value is only safe if overall idealness is not clearly insufficient and the planet's planetary opposite has sufficient idealness.

A somewhat safe overall value is only safe if overall idealness is not lacking. In case of extremely insufficient overall idealness only extremely safe values can be considered safe. You might have noticed the similarities between the first three planets, and also between the last three. This is no coincidence, but due to the first three planets being inferior and the last three superior. For one thing this means that people with severe disorders of inferiority, such as psychopaths, killers and alcoholics should as a rule have at least one exclamation mark next to one of the inferior planets and that people with disorders of superiority, such as crooks, fraudsters and perverts should at least have one exclamation mark next to one of the superior planets.

More specifically for a rapist the mark should be next to Mercury and for a crook next to Jupiter. The condition is lessened only if overall idealness is clearly insufficient or overall harmfulness is ominious or worse. In this case it is enough that the specific harmfulness value is not marked as safe. To judge the potential presence of an ideal character trait you look for strength of the planet associated with the trait and lack of harmfulness associated with its opposite group of planets.

For humility and thinking you would thus look for strength of Mars, shown by stars if it is promising or better, and for little or at least less malignancy associated with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, shown by exclamation points if it is ominious or worse. For the presence of a harmful character trait you look for exclamation points first and stars in the opposite group next. As an example of the above procedure have a look at your favorite pseudo-psychiatrists aka "doctors of deception" and you will find that they all lack the ideal traits of humility and thinking, and carry most or all of the harmful traits of deceit, craftiness, disregarding facts, fraud and being unbalanced.

For a chart of a pseudo-psychiatrist to match this signature there would thus have to be more exclamation points next to Jupiter, Venus and Saturn than there are stars next to Mars. In practice I have found no example of any pseudo-psychiatrist with any stars next to Mars at all and they all have at least three exclamation points next to one of the superior planets. To reiterate, inferiority complexes are associated with the inferior planets and are thus indicated by exclamation points next to the Sun, Mars and Mercury the material, young, and potentially childish, rich and greedy planets ; superiority complexes are associated with the superior planets and are thus shown by exclamation points next to Jupiter, Venus and Saturn the lofty, old, and potentially vitiated, poor and envious planets.

I will round off with a basic signature for the common inferiority disorder known as depression. For all inferiority disorders, depression included, you first look for exclamation marks next to the inferior planets. For any major depression there must be severely malignant influence associated with at least one of the inferior planets. You must also look for a weak and severely insufficient Jupiter.

Generally insufficient influence is indicated by minus signs in the balance table. A lack of ideal influence is shown in the idealness table. For a typical and very severe depression where a person experiences a general lack of purpose in life, the balance table must show severely insufficient influence associated with Jupiter. For extreme depressions with suicidal thoughts, Venus and Saturn must also show clearly insufficient influence in the idealness table.

For less severe depressions it is enough that the inferior planets have some ominous influence and that Jupiter shows severely insufficient idealness. In most cases of diagnosed clinical depression at least one of the inferior planets carry severely malignant influence. For bipolar disorders there may be cases where the inferior planets show safe values.

In such cases there should be extremely insufficient idealness associated with the Sun and Jupiter.

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  5. Please note that exclamation marks only indicate potentials for certain actions and behavior. In no way is it implied that everyone with exclamation points next to Jupiter in their chart is a crook or that everyone with four exclamation points next to Mercury is a murderer or torturer. What these marks do indicate are character traits that are troubling to the person. In the case of Mercury there is an inferiority complex and in the case of Jupiter a superiority complex. A superiority complex causes a person to shun power, as it is perceived as unnecessary, and thus the person becomes an easy victim of crime and abuse.

    Even with all these character traits known in advance it is not possible to predict where they will actually lead without knowing the person's experiences and circumstances in life. In addition, not even a serial rapist goes around raping people all the time. Transitory influences must be examined to know how active a particular planet is at the present time. Only the sankhya yoga ruler and the atmakaraka are always fully active. Finally, as long as a planet has sufficient influence associated with it there can come some "good" out of it.

    A strong Mercury always promotes monetary gains and verbal skills; a strong Jupiter indicates language and academic skills as well as some ease and prosperity in life. Stars and exclamation marks can sometimes work to cancel each other out. The malignancy of a planet shown by exclamation marks can be reduced by the idealness of its planetary opposite.

    If the planet is the sankhya yoga ruler a single star can cancel the malignancy of a single exclamation mark. If the starred planet is an ordinary planet it can cancel the malignancy when it is active, unless the malignant planet is the sankhya yoga ruler or the atmakaraka. In the same way the promise of a planet indicated by stars can often be hindered by the harmfulness of its planetary opposite. In the this preview most charts show an excess of plus signs, minus signs, and exclamation marks. Although the limits used for deciding what category a value belongs to are unlikely to change, it is probable that future changes in the automatic chart analysis will reduce the underlying values and thus the number of signs and exclamation marks shown.

    More stars could also be expected to show up in the next preview, as the average integrity score will be allowed to rise above 10 for the C control group. Libra has lost the keywords "neurotic" to Gemini and "calm" to Leo. The latter change can be considered a textual bugfix, since Libra is perhaps one of the least calm signs and the most restless and unstable.

    New in TP50 The primary reason for this release is to provide a fix for a bug in the automatic chart analysis. The bug was semantic, in the sense that the code did what it was supposed to do, but still not exactly what was originally intended. The effect was that integrity for charts with undignified sign placements saw a boost that was proportionately greater than for those with dignified sign placements. Some other changes and additions have also been made, but nothing major. The bigger and better release is still ahead. Fixed a semantic bug in the substitution algorithm that increased dignified influence for less than fully dignified sign placements beyond the essential dignity of the planet in the sign.

    This had a proportionately greater effect on less dignified placements than for more dignified, thus changing the code to never go beyond the essential dignity limit has increased statistical significance. It also means that the integrity score should never be able to exceed the total chart influence minus debased influence. The atmakaraka, the planet who has advanced the furthest in any sign, is now presented next to the Sankhya Yoga for the current chart.

    Astrology Software

    You can also choose "Atmakarakas" from the "Stats" menu to see the atmakaraka distribution for the currently selected group of charts. Only the 7 classical planets can become atmakarakas in this release. The effect of cuspal placement has been decreased in general and also changed for the Sun, Venus, Mars and Saturn, so that the Sun and Mars are less cusped in so called infancy, ie placement very early in a sign, and Venus and Saturn are less cusped in old age, or very late in a sign.

    The exact implemention will change in the next release, but the general idea will be the same as this has shown positive statistical effect. The full range of this factor is still 15 degrees, but the practical effect is minute until a planet comes closer than about five degrees from a cusp. The effect of combustion and planetary wars should now vary more depending on the planets involved. In general the outcome can be more benign, unless the planets are completely antagonistic.

    In some cases a so called war or even combustion can improve the dignity of a planet. This can be the case if the losing planet is undignified in the sign it is in. Influence chaining introduced in the previous release matter less in this release, but still serves to give the charts that need it greater inferiority scores, such as that for serial rapist and probable serial killer Anthony Sowell. In the next release, which will incorporate the atmakaraka as an important factor, his chart may see an even greater inferiority score, it already exceeds A bug in the influence chaining routine has also been fixed, very slightly improving statistical significance. The changes in this release has improved statistical significance for a lot of values including the integrity score, but also debasement lack of essential dignity , polarization secondary instead of primary dignity in sign , and cuspal placement in particular. For the first time there are now charts in the control group scoring in the highest category. The ordering of individual charts has also changed in many places, or their distance has increased as is the case for the charts of actress Sandra Bullock and dictator Hu Jintao, where the chart for the more sympathetic actress now scores 17,04 up from 14,38 and the chart for the less sympathetic dictator only 9,07 down from 9, In this release Kissinger does not qualify, but since his atmakaraka is Mars he will have no trouble fitting the bill in the next release.

    With this release only three dictators score above average for the control and most score in the Orange or lower. The top three charts belong to Mao Zedong 23,75; 5,27; 67,14 , Fidel Castro 18,46; 26,56; 53,08 and Francisco Franco 10,57; 47,21; 40, Three charts score in the Yellow category: Hu Jintao's 9,07; 81,77; 4,68 , Benito Mussolini's 7,32; 88,07; 1,82 , and Josef Stalin's 6,93; 32,47; 57, Two charts score in the Orange, Adolf Hitler's 4,76; 79,59; 12,81 and Vladimir Lenin's 3,53; 9,81; 85,51 , and another two in the red, Pol Pot's 1,67; 86,47; 11,43 and Hosni Mubarak's 1,32; 53,42; 44, Its average integrity score is 10,54 with a category average of 3, The test group has the following subgroups of at least charts: registered sex offenders 7,08; 48,82; 41,07 ; past and present inmates on Alabama deathrow 7,58; 51,76; 37,54 ; white female murderers 8,53; 47,67; 39,98 ; assorted serial rapists and killers 6,95; 50,65; 39,39 ; and people convicted of first degree murder 7,57; 49,85; 39, One subgroup scores well above average for the test group as a whole: The charts for 92 people in prison for fraud have an average integrity score of 8, Fewer than half of the control charts show up in the first three categories.

    A goal for the pre-alpha will be to have more than half of the control charts score in Yellow or higher category, at least a third in Gray or higher, and fewer than one tenth in the Black. Fixing a bug inadvertently reducing dignified influence more than was intended for some charts with Pasa yoga or lower sankhya yogas has contributed to this reduction. Also other improvements to the sankhya yoga algorithm, as well as to most of the other factors have contributed greater statistical significance.

    The essential dignity of the Sun has increased in importance. If the Sun enjoys zero dignity then all the planets will be reduced to their minimum power brightness , which will affect their dignity, strength and susceptibility to the chaining effect. For a fully dignified Sun this change has no effect. The brighter the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune the greater the boost to dignity and strength. Conversely, below average brightness can reduce the same values. Since the charts for criminals in the test group tend to have these planets darker than the charts for public figures in the control, this feature has good statistical effect.

    The range of the cuspal factor, or strength in sign, has been extended to its maximum 15 degrees up from 12 degrees , while the overall effect has been toned down leaving less influence cusped than in TP The scorching factor, or combustion in general speak, now kicks in later than before, but also grows more quickly on approach towards the Sun. This change has meant a slight increase in scorched influence and a very clear increase in statistical significance. A new feature is called influence chaining, which is a recursive process which passes on received primarily undignified, but also some dignified influence in the same way innate influence is transferred through the regular substitution process.

    Only objects with some innate influence can retain received influence. This feature has mixed impact on statistical significance, but serves to give the charts that need it greater inferiority scores, such as that for serial rapist and probable serial killer Anthony Sowell. The outcome of the sankhya yoga algorithm is now more predictable from the Numbered diagnostic. A value below 50 predicts a possible increase in dignified influence. A value above 50 always results in decreased influence if possible. With this revision the sankhya yoga ruler has strength to retain some dignified influence.

    This has boosted the integrity score for Albert Einstein's chart from red to orange. Compared to the unofficial bug fix release TP48 the increase in statistical significance is minute. Instead the major statistical change in this release is the increase of the number of charts scoring in the Gray and higher categories. The ordering of individual charts has also changed in many places. One example is the order reversal of the charts for actress Sandra Bullock and dictator Hu Jintao, where the chart for the more sympathetic actress now scores above average 14,38 and the chart for the less sympathetic dictator now scores below average 9, Violet This results in an easy to remember number series 1,2,3,4 for the ranges covered by the first four categories now representing integrity scores below average for the C public control group.

    The TP49 chart distribution by category, using the integrity limits listed above, is as follows: C T 1. Astrology can predict a bad childhood, but the exact details will of course vary with the context. There are also additional astrological factors such as timing, which determine if a given potential can materialize or not. For extreme sociopaths the integrity score should fall into the Orange or a lower category and the inferiority score be at least five times as great as the integrity score, or alternatively the inferiority score be at least six times as great as the integrity score.

    With this release only three dictators score above average for the control and most score in the Red. The top three charts belong to Fidel Castro 31,0; 21,0; 44,9 , Mao Zedong 23,6; 14,3; 58,1 and Francisco Franco 11,7; 41,8; 43,7. All the remaining charts score integrity below the average for the control. Two charts score in the Yellow category: Hu Jintao's 9,6; 76,2; 8,5 and Josef Stalin's 6,9; 25,1; 64,8. Its average integrity score is 10,64 with a category average of 3,9. The test group has the following subgroups of at least charts: registered sex offenders 7,3; 48,5; 40,4 ; past and present inmates on Alabama deathrow 7,8; 51,6; 36,9 ; white female murderers 8,5; 49,3; 37,6 ; assorted serial rapists and killers 7,3; 50,7; 38,2 ; and people convicted of first degree murder 7,8; 49,3; 39,2.

    One subgroup scores well above average for the test group as a whole: The charts for 92 people in prison for fraud have an average integrity score of 9,0. You can change these using the same command-line options as in the original Astrolog software. The Moon's programmatic influence has been increased again. The Moon was already in the previous release by far the most important object, but its weight is now even greater, improving statistical significance. Currently the Moon carries about four times the actual influence of the average planet its own influence plus that of its accidental rulership based on its sign aspect with the Sun.

    Only the Moon has this programmatic influence increase. All the other objects carry the exact influences shown in the Object settings dialogs. The analysis module has been tested for effectiveness using the same test and control groups as used with the previous releases. A new diagnostic has been added to independently track the effect of placement in primary and secondary dignity. A placement is recorded as Polarized when having secondary essential dignity. In theory this should indicate the womanly complement. Placement in primary dignity should indicate manly qualities. For sexuality Mercury should be the most important planet.

    Choose the lincense installer executeable 6. When done, choose again 'zet. The update is intended to correct the program. The need for correction of program errors, and when the program features are added.

    • To install ZET 9 Lite in your computer:;
    • Astrology Software Installation Instructions (macOS and Windows)!
    • Free astrology software for Mac.
    • Astrolog for Mac Download Info.

    The update releases are numbered. Watch out for them and try to set them on a regular basis. You can see description of the updates on the News page. You can install the following additional files if not exists in professional distribution kit : aspack2. Additional ZET fonts: - Font Created by Sergey Dmitriev.

    Before unzipping you can rename existing AsterFont. ZIP - 3 astrological fonts of Chinese style. Sound files: Sounds. After unzipping, a selection of. To turn sound effects on, select the option in the General Settings window. Fixed star data: Natal Fixed Stars. By Paul Hysen. For the Cosmos tableau, to display photorealistic images of planet and satellite surfaces.

    If you have ZET Geo modification and path to this folder redirected, then copy move new files manually to folder of redirection. Additional Swiss Ephemeris files: The installer for ZET Lite contains ephemeris which calculates precisely positions of the planets and main asteroids only in time range from to Extract to the main ZET folder.

    This list contains average orbital parameters of asteroids. To calculate asteroids' positions with higher accuracy, you can download Swiss ephemeris data for specific asteroids from www. See the User Manual for instructions. Download KB. Art Gallery: Hevelius. The illustrations can be displayed by selecting "View" in the pop-up menu of a planet or Zodiac sign, and from the Constellation window menu.

    You may need to add the following lines to the Pictures. Allawi, Baghdad, Iraq, A set of interpretations for ZET that give information on gardening and farming as based on the lunar cycle, the zodiac sign the Moon is in and how high the Moon is in the sky by Paul Hysen Gardening by the Moon. Situations may arise in which it is necessary to transfer the program onto another computer, or to restore it after reinstallation of the operating system, or to transfer data and settings from an old version of the program to a new one.

    In these case, after installation of the latest distribution kit, you will need to copy the following files and folders over from the back-up media. It is desirable in any case to make back-up copies of these on a regular basis. If you have nodified any of the following files, you will need to transfer them: Virtuals. ZET 9 Lite - basic function set, for amateur of astrology ZET 9 Pro - expanded function set, for astrologer and advanced amateur ZET 9 Geo - flagship modification with maximal functionality, for professional astrologer Latest version 9 , release of 31 December The program is about ready to use.

    Run it from the "ZET 9" shortcut on the Desktop. If still problem, shot the "User Account Control" Windows tool.