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P , Shireesh S. P , Shirisha S. P sir plz suggest me. Dont keep name from the letters shi, she, shu, sho……. Make shiv Abhishek before keeping the baby name. Your daughter born in Shravan nakshatra rashi and Revti lagna nakshatra…….. De, Do, cha , chi, ju , je jo……………..

Keep the name like which first name total should come 9….. Also give me the names which matches with numerology and suggest me with what numerology numbers should i consider to keep his name. Your son born in Rohini nakshatra rashi and Swati lagna nakshatra…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 1 or 3….. Your son born in Purva Ashadha nakshatra rashi and Purva Ashadha lagna nakshatra…….. Dha, DA, Bhu ,. Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 9…..

Give me the names which matches with numerology and suggest me with what numerology numbers should i consider to keep his name. Kindly tell me whether to add the initial in his name when calculate the numerology number. My name is Jeya Murugan. So, the initial will be J. Your son born in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra rashi and Jyestha lagna nakshatra…….. Bhadrapada or Jyestha nakshatra word…. Keep the name like which first name total should come 2 or 9…..

Dubai, united Arab Emirates. My name is Krishna swamy. So, the initial will be K. Your son born in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra rashi and Purva Phalguni lagna nakshatra…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 3 or 6….. Allahabad, UP Please tell how to keep the name with Soul no. Your son born in Kritika nakshtra rashi and chitra nakshtra lagna……..

My second son born on 26 th May Your son born in swati nakshtra rashi and uttar aashada nakshtra lagna…….. Ru, Re, Ro, Ta …………….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 5 or 9 ….. Sir My baby boy born on time 6. Your son born in swati nakshtra rashi and punarvasu nakshtra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 5 or 6…..

Sir My baby boy born on physic no. Is 5 and destiny no. Is 4 please tell what is soul no. Hello Sir, My daughter born on 03rd March at What should be her first and full name total and starting letter? Could you please tell us what should be the soul number for them.

Meaning of name is golden. They are telling to change the name. His nakshatra is ashlesha. We are not getting Kannada names starting with De, du… Can you please suggest us regarding this…. Your son born in Ashlesha nakshtra rashi and pushya nakshtra lagna…….. Hu, He, Ho, Da ……………..

Keep the name like which first name total should come 9 ….. We calculated as per you explained and psychic no is 3 and destiny no 8. His nakshatra is U. Due to lack of suitable names with Nakshatra letter t as in tamatar, tomato in Hindi we thought of keeping his name with Simha rashi letter M. Is this suitable method or we should use lagna rashi or any other method? Pls suggest what should be his first name sum total?

Thank You Kashish Pune. Your daughter born in U Phalguni nakshatra rashi and Jyeshta nakshatra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 1 or 9 or….. Also we are planning to change name of my son. Your daughter born in kritika nakshtra rashi and hasta nakshtra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 1 or 5 ….. Your daughter born in hasta rashi and aridra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 1 or 2 or 3 …..

S Please tell me does that name suits him? Or should we change? Keep the name like which first name total should come 2 or 3 or 5….. Sir, My son was born on 11 June at 9. What soul number should I choose for him. Your daughter born in bharni nakshatra rashi and Pushya nakshtra lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 1 or 2 ….. Birth time is Birth place is Nanded , Maharashtra. Her janm rashi is Dhanu. Can I keep her name other initial than Dhanu rashi?

If yes then by numerology can I keep name ishita, Aadhira? Pls suggest me which name is best for her. Your daughter born in Moola nakshatra rashi and Purva phalguni lagna…….. Keep the name like which first name total should come 6 or 9 ….. Dear sir, my daughter birth date is 6 April and birth time is 4: Your daughter born in Revati nakshatra rashi and Uttara Ashadha lagna…….. Hi This is Chandan, my sister gave birth today for little princess, 16 Jun at 5: Can you please suggest from which letter we have to keep name for baby,.

We named as G. Pls can you suggest this name is good as per numerology.. Most of the 8 borns have experienced sexual abuse and assault in their early age itself, and they are the ones who easily get de motivated and often think about suicides to end up their life. But actually they never have the courage to commit one. Like black and white, numerology 8 is about extreme natures of life and death. To avoid all these complexities in an 8 born persons life, their name should be in numerology 5 i. Hi, I am Aishwarya male,26,mumbai. Year was the worst year of my life. Could you please tell me how year will going to be.

Mitesh, year will be good year for u, but the best part of will start only after june…. Hi my dob is I cant change my name. But for official purpose I use 1st oct as my date of birth. I want to avoid myseries of being a 8. Can u help?

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Hi,My husband's date of birth counts 22 means 4 but his name counts 8. What should be total of his name so that he becomes lucky in all matters of life which he is not till now. Is he unlucky till now because of total of his name that comes as 8? Absolutely, name when comes to brings bad luck and creates obstacles, more than that it delays things badly.

Whats your husbands name, We will change his name according to his birth date. Tell me his date of birth and name. I calculated as per your website information and trie following but all of them total to 8. Name removed as per the request — author Now, I dnt know wht else can be tried for. Warm Regards. I want to give you some info which I would not like to be publicized. Unconsciously, we got choice between 2 apartments and both of them were 8. Now, by chance building no. My father in law is 8 born. Now we tried our best c hanging this apartment but certainly there is some power that spils our all efforts and we cannot change our house.

I paid the rent and I am scared in my mind though I dont show him and try to not give him info which will trouble him. My husband said Canada day is o n july 1st which is 8. I am very much worried. Very much. We have no kids, no jobs even though we are highly qualified. My husband is ver intelligent and topper in every stream he studied and is highly qualified. Please help us. Can you save us. Do you suggest that we rent another apartment which will be veyr expensive but I can do that in credit but if you suggest that will be helpful, I will certainly do.

I will defunitly do whatever you say. And so that you can reply me publicly and this website helps other ppl as well I will write these questions again so that you can reply me but please do not publish my his message as I dont want to publicize my problems. Thanks a lot. Warm Regards, Name removed as per the request — author.

Hi there, Thanks for reply and your generousity. I want to give you the info that I got married on date that totals to 8. Right now we are living in apartment which is no. And I realize that though there were problems earlier as wellbut they became impossible and horrible when we came in this apartment. Let me know this please. I am scared since I realize all these things. Hi there, I am writing you once more because I am really very much scared and I was about to close I saw just next to my name it was written 8 replies.

Pelase for God's sake. What should I do. And please do not publicize which I dont want. I have already written sparate question for you to publicize and reply. You are really doiing a ver noble work which only those can realize who are suffering from this mysterious problem. With this I also want to mention that my sister also got married on 17th nov. I will discuss that later. My husband is in hospital. Please For God's sake help us overcome this problem. Hi, I am worrying for following things: 1. If you suggest me changing house, I want to ask it may take months. Can you suggest something to avoid its bad effects till we dont change it.

If you suggest me changing mine and my husband's name. As you suggested to someone in website to write everyday for 23 times. Because It will take time for me to find out and do the legal action. I am very scared of 8 number. Tell me, well it is foolish and stupid question , Is there any way my children are not born on any date falling in series of 8. It is kind of phobia but I am very scared now. Please let me know. Thanks 3. Sorry for writing you so many questions but I just want to make our life better at the earliest possible. Anyhow, I want to ask you what number house is good for us.

Well first of all you tell us what number name total should be for us.

My birth total is 5. I am 29 jan 73 born and my husband 20 feb There are some names that I was thinking but dont know which is better one. So, please suggest us like. Please tell us what dates are lucky for us for important works and what are bad. Our ife is hell because of it. Please Help us. I read all your problems, dont worry, i will mail you separately your solutions, i dont want to publicize as you wish.

I will mail will you all the details you have to do to overcome these problem. Your marriage is extremely strong. Hello my brith date is february 8, and fullname Rowena Ann de Paz Albao comes up to I am planning to change my name so it will turn to to 50 it is after I have been reading your wonderful site of numerology. Thanks… And i created this blog with the prime intention of helping 8 borns. I am happy that i'm quite successful in it. Your lifepath as 1 is very harmonious to your birth date 8 and name as 5 will make wonders in your life. All the best. Dear sir Your suggestions for 8 born people are excellent.

Sugumar Born on I am Married and my wife date of birth is , I am nt happy with my life till now, nor married and nor professionally, I am worried now. Thats a great read Saravana, trust me I can relate to every statement of yours above. Struggle is what defines me. Am born on 8th September , and my name is Piyush Kodape, though I use my dad's name as well these days that is Piyush Prabhakar Kodape.

Am doing good enough in my career, till now, of course there were few hiccups. Savings is a issue. Am married to a born. Piyush Kodape is a good name in terms of numerology than Piyush Kodape Prabhakar. Compatibility is good and Children will be lucky. I am born in 21st March life path is 8. Just would like to know if my life is more to positive or negative side. My Name is N. Gopinath born in 26 July Some times I will get problems, but the problems will rectify after some time not in quick period with good conclusion.

But am suffering from health problems I dont know why am be like this. I thought my birth number is 8.

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I need your help and suggetions. You are 8 born by virtue of being born in 26th, and your name comes 39 which is no way lucky or good to your birth number. Your life path is 1 which is very compatible for 8. But your name as to be in 5 like 32,23,41 to enjoy trouble free life interms of health, finance and relationship. Itz my daughter profile. I am going to join her school soon. Pls help me….. DOB: Whats the full name of Sowmya, and both birth date life path is 7 for her, she will become one of the greats in her time if the name is correctly chosen.

All our troubles and sorrows are not entirely due to us. Some times fate tricks us and inflict losses and pain due to our karmas. You are a 8 born with 7 as lifepath in numerology. This combination itself is a threat to marital life due to spiritual oriented nature of a person. More over the date you got married comes to 8 in total. I have said in my posts about the consequences of getting married in numbers coming 8 or 5 in total. There is nothing wrong in your part. As I came to know by reading your blog itself, I have a very strong Saturn influence on me.

I wanted to know can this really be equated? Meaning Can I be under Saturn influence however strong and not having my last birth as well? Though all people fail to understand my intent, My actions are always intended to not harm anyone by any means. Is this possible? All metaphysical sciences operate on one concept, most people dont know know on what grounds astrology or numerology or palmistry works, because of this ignorance they condemn and non-believe other occult sciences. Numerology,Astrology, Palmistry, Feng-Shui all these sciences works on the principle of Bio-Magnetism which fills this universe.

All these sciences are true and have its meaning. Sowmya Nakkala will be a good name for her which comes 37, she is a 7 and 7 born person, its wise to name her with a number which is more materialistic and worldly. My name is P. Saritha i born on at 1. Name should be in 1 or 5 like 23,32,37,19, Calling name 2.

Name registered in certificates. Both the names are very good, N Sowmya is the best. Calling name also gives some effect, but ultimately, the name we sign is what comes into overall effect. Golla or Yoshitha. Golla or Yoshita. G or Yoshitha. G or Yoshita. My birthdate is 8 nov Birth time is My dob — 17th March, Birth time This is my last year of studying, could you please let me know what field will be the most successfull for me at work? I have a problem to sattle down and find what i really want to do with my life. Do i need to change my name? The name should be in 5, even if you correct the sur name it comes 48, with Gaud it comes 42, but it has to be 41,32, or Currently i am pursuaing MS Biotechnology in Australia.

I am studying hard but is not able to recieve good marks as expected. Also i want to pursue MBA Biotechnology further. You have life path 8, so it ll make you to get anything with struggle and hard work, nothing will be easy for you. More over your name should be in 5.

I am fascinated with number 8, most likely because I have triple 8s in my birth date. Most of my major stones in life have happened on 8th either month or day. While reading your article I had a feeling that somebody is describing me. Lonliness and solitude is a common trait in 8 borns. But remember there is nothing harm in socializing. Try to balance your life, you must learn to be an extrovert to balance your life.

I want to sove ma problem sir. My email id is present in my comment itself, you can see below the comments. And yes, your name has to be changed from Need your help to make my life happier and satisfactory. I tried everything for it,but…. Please help me Sir! Any details you want from my end will surely inform you. Will be waiting for your response.

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I ll try what i can do. We got married on 26 of january Still no children due to recurrent miscarriages. Has 8 to do with these combination? Name number 1 is good, but when 8 comes in birth or lifepath, then name has to be in 5 only. Change the name to 5 and chances are great to have baby in a year.

Deivanaayagam……are these numbers good ……please comment …or help with any alterations. My question is that my wife house number is 8. On which date should i purchase im waiting for ur reply my birth number is 8 LP 9 and Name number 5. Use the calculator in the blog and you yourself can try it, make sure it is 23 or 32 or 41, then give me the names, i ll choose the best for you. Child abuse at early age 2. I think a lot 5.

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Sir,my name is akhilendra pratap singh,my D. I am a student of m. Sir, is there some problem with my numbers and would you please give me some suggestions to make some possible corrections anywhere e. I shall always remain thankful to you. I have completed my b. Hello Sir, My name is Parag Deb. Unfortunately, my numerology of my name is also 8. Whatever you have mentioned about number 8 absolutely relates with my life. Especially, the para 4, 5 and 6. I am really scared about my future. Could you please suggest me any remedy. Hello Sir, I have gone through the reading mentioned for number 8. My name is Parag Deb. Date of Birth — 8th July My name under numerology is 8. I am very concerned about my future.

Do I make changes in my name to bring number 5. I need your valuable suggestion. I am ready to change it if you suggest. I am really really concerned. Please help me. Yesterday, I posted my concern it got deleted today. Is my numerology very dangerous. I am eagerly waiting for your reponse.

Nothing good is happening to me. Firstly, congratulations and many thanks! His willingness to analyze and to obtain, free of charge, their studies all deserve congratulations. If possible, I would count on their position regarding the number My name is S. Mahesh kumar.. Do i have solution …. I would like to share with you that sometimes I literally not able to understand myself with duality in thoughts. I want to know every secrets of this creation and creator, like Mahatma buddha. The Duality is not a contradiction, its a sign that keeps tellin us that we have to go beyond dualistic logic of thoughts.

Its very common to have dual perception in thoughts, and its very healthy too. Hi Astronlogia greetings. I am grateful to you for the work you have done on number 8 and this blog. I am sure it will help million of people across the world who are number 8 and facing the tough life. Here i come with number 8. Ajay, Ur name comes to 33, but its must to have name in 5 for 8 borns, you can make changes and expect the positive results. Hi Saravana, Your blog seems to be an eye-opener for many like me. Keep up the good work. I have a doubt…. Is it true.. Mary etc.. We would like to take a personal appointment with you…how can we do it?

My name is pooja and and i read ur articles it is really good and fantastic. Yes, its become common these days to opt for Cesarean on a desired date, however, i dont really encourage this. Its a great risk to indulge in such things, child birth is a divine act, and no one can alter the birth date of a child, its a predestined one. However, to certain extent we can determine the birth date of a child, two to three days before the actual date, we can consult an astrologer and get cesarean done on a day where most planets are in benefic houses.

Considering these real time issues, its better to leave it to God. So should we make any change in his name so we get better prosperity. Please reply to us. Should we change his name to come to the number 5 to get good results in life. My parents are also unaware of my problems, and keeps on telling everythings gonna be alright. Its getting worse each day. My studies broke up.

Mentally weak n getting worse. Not getting morale strength, health problem, if i do anything nice always gets me into trouble. Dear sir, my d. Its been over 10 months and i am jobless. My dad is retired and mother is a housewife. My parents are dependent on me and i m their only soon.. I am out of job from last 10 months.. Is my name good enough to bring success in my life in all the aspects. Should I wear a blue sapphire or star sapphire.

But certain quarters advised me to wear Yellow Sapphire instead. Wearing gemstone is a tricky one, if you are wearing yellow sapphire, then your ascendant should be jupiter, or jupiter should be the lord of benefic houses and posited in benefic or your moon sign should be jupiter. It its blue, then replace jupiter with saturn for above.

Thank you for your prompt reply Than should I wear a yellow sapphire instead? Kindly stand advised…. By-the-way…where is the best place to purchase sapphire in India. Which do I go by? Also am considering moving to house number 8. Its better not to move to house number 8, unless you are a deep rooted spiritual person or celibate. U are really great in my life many things happnegs as u told on ur blog. I m really facing may problmes in my life. Ihad 2 years drop in Engineering still i did hard work in engineering i got failure there. After that after struggling for job searching after many search I had got job in small firm where slalry and me and 1 man working there having salary of rupees with night shift.

After 6 monht i left that cmompny becuase it was also closing stage. My birthdate happens to be : and I was born at am and it was also ashtami that day. My birthdate totals to 8 both ways. All through life I have constantly encountered number 8. Be it a house number current one being number 17 , bank account number, telephone number, you name it. Do not want to disclose all that in a public domain. Btw, Roger Federer was also born on the same day as me, and it really makes me wonder where my life is headed.

My birth date is 8th of July of … Destiny is nothing but the effect of what we are doing right now.. And another thing Mother Teresa was one of the greatest person in this world.. She borned on 8 th…. Number 8 name number in my experience lead me into unusual and rare diseases, but luckily I was cured each time. I had a tongue operation when I was 4 because I could not speak properly.

Then I had an operation in my scrotum for unusual extra nerve in my scrotum. I had eating problems. Then my vision got poorer and poorer as well. Then acne all my life. To yogis who practice yoga like Kundalini can automatically balance the negative consequence of this number by balancing their energy centers. This enlightenment gives a normal person a super man energy and the person does not feel tired at all.

One will feel like exploding of sun light on his eyes. One has to learn to tune into this energy properly. This also involves sublimation of sexual energy to the head. One can also temporarily go blind when experiencing this enlightenment. Next enlightenment is Witness enlightenment, whatever one sees he becomes that and he feels divine God pulsating in his awareness, the person also feels all the best emotion of life like self less love, gratitude, kindness all rolled into one another. Next enlightenment is about Kundalini, feeling the Kundalini by itself is a enlightenment.

Only Kundalini is the gateway to our freedom of experiencing all enlightenment mentioned above. This above info is from my personal experience only. The reason I have written this information is because for the people who come to this page is mostly number 8 people and they have a divine quest for enlightenment. Even experiencing one of the enlightenment not Kundalini alone for brief seconds like 3 seconds even will change your life.

It is very rare to find a real guru. Start your practice with Kundalini yoga, then slowly move on to other practices. During this age there is only deception. When one experiences enlightenment his ego sometimes inflates and he thinks he is God. Repeating mantras like hara rama hara krishna with out the awakened Kundalini is useless. Sometimes God sends his messenger to awaken the Kundalini when one repeats the mantras with devotions. It is devotion that counts. This above info is from my personal experience, Moderator please let people access this information :.

Thank you Peace. Since I remember number 8 was crucial for me. It lasted for 8 years. Just before I turned 16 in everything changed. I came to England on 25th July. I stayed. For the first time in my life I was judged only for who I am. I tried to forgot who I was. In I came poland for holiday. I took my diary with me. When i started to read i had strange feeling like i am visiting sister which died long time ago. Then on next page i found sign i did by myself, without concentrating on content of it.

Number 18 in a middle, crossed 3 times each of digit. Behind there is a sword which blade is curving and so creating 18 times number 8. Crown, and 2 pair of wings — angelic and demonic on sides. Next pages are full of 8point stars. And then when i turned the pages up to the New years eve I saw my summary for year Half page was red, as i associated this colour with this year. I made list of 8 things to do during this year. Then i found information with name of sickness and times i was in hospital.

Diary has pages. My house number is My name number is 16 but i do not use it. I have got tatto on my stomach which i made when i was I have got 3 hidden 8s in design and 8point star. Each day i find number 8 everywhere. I know that i someone seek for number will get it. But I am concentrating on amount of 8 compare to amount of different numbers. Thank you. My name is Ganesh sah P. Please let me know if my name suits to my date of birth. Can i just say that im an 8 and honestly i cant see how this could possible true.

I think you need to get your facts straight. I have been doing lot of research about people born in no 8. I am inconsolable My best friend is also an 8. She operates on the more negative side of this number. It looks like a nice number comes after the 8. Finishing my count is what has been keeping me going. Try Feng Shui and reiki for removing negative energy. Your aura is designed to keep out the negativity so your positive thoughts can bring what u want into existence. These ppl negative views v them penetrates their shield and causes them to all v a sudden become depressed or do something that will sabotage their happiness.

I read a book where it said the group that always needs to wear amulets and have altars in their home are number 8s and Capricorn in order to reinforce their positive state v mind that is being fought by others negative thoughts others throw their way. Also reiki is good bc it trains ur mind to automatically get rid v the negative vibes and feelings others send ur way and how to cleanse ur aura. Should i teach meditation or do angel card reading or what do u suggest thanks namaste.

Though I was born on the 13th I may as well have been born on the 8th. I have had 2 serious relationships with two women who both lived at number 8 in their respective streets and both relationships failed miserably and everything you can think of went wrong. I experienced very odd health that stopped me eating properly,dark depression,no energy or drive and of course the end of my relationships though I loved these women deeply. I will NEVER in my life live in a house with 8 on the front door not if you gave me the house for free!

I will also never date a woman with that house or apt number or for that matter that birth date. Will I b successful. Please reply to my query. Thanks in advance. My name is V. I was born on My name no is Is my name no26 yield me good results. HELP I could never understand why my luck so bad. Things that should be so straight forward came with a twist. I always thought it must have something to do with my past lives because no one is this unlucky. I have lived many past lives I am paying for that in this life.

My full name amounts to 4 my used name which I drop my Christian name amounts to The book stated my birth number cant be changed, which is unfortunate looks like the bad luck is going to continue. My question is, is there anyway I can lesson this or do anything to help my fate so Karma stops kicking my ass soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am at my wits end. I have always seen or for a while. If I am meant to get massages I am listening. Hi … my name is ankita….. I want to appear an foriegn exam..

Plz suggest me.. It is Ekadashi that means the 11th Tithi of the Hindu Calendar. This day is for gaining victories in your efforts. Sir my full name is Himanshu Shakya , can you tell me my birth number. You are ruled by number 8 and Saturn. You are hard working and dedicated person. You are a true friend and good host. For you life is all about proving your ability and you are willing to go to any length on this front.

You are fond of your traditions and customs. In life you will get everything, however due to strong influence of Saturn, there will be delays. You should do the following remedies always. Can you please suggest a name change for me and a Name Spelling in 5 if that can reverse my 8 — Will I become a successful Bollywood Film Actress and when please?

Many people misunderstand me. People always bring me down, bully me, and spoil my image. I only find enemies everywhere.