Gemini rising december horoscope

You felt out of the loop, which is the saddest experience for a Gemini—as the sign of the twins, you belong in the loop! Surprising news or discoveries will likely be made, and you might find yourself sharing something private rather unexpectedly! Jupiter in Sagittarius brings blessings to your relationships, especially as it connects with the sun and Venus on August 7 and 8 respectively, making this a marvelous time for communication.

A love note may end up in your inbox! Jupiter ends its retrograde on August 11, and your relationships continue to grow—you may find yourself connecting with many more partners in love, business, or creativity. August 11 also finds Mercury entering Leo, bringing news your way and boosting your mental acuity.

The sun and Venus meet in Leo on August 14 before the full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on August 15, making mid-month an especially important time for communication.

Find a way to compromise. Fortunately, the astrological atmosphere is conducive to compromising as the sun and sweet Venus meet and the moon in chill Aquarius helps you detach from the situation.

Gemini horoscope 12222: An Optimistic Year Awaits You, Gemini!

Success comes from honing your skills through focussing your varied interests, using them to highlight innate strengths and capabilities as you continue to learn along the way. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful. Your Ascendant is Gemini.

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Planetary ruler: Mercury Born with Gemini on your Ascendant or Rising , you are likely to approach life with a genuine sense of inquisitiveness. Get The Full Picture. Click Here for Your Personal Consultation.

Gemini Ascendant // Rising Sign

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Courses Choose an online course. Subscribe To Us Find out what the stars hold for you each month Sign up for our stellar monthly newsletter. Gemini-style depression happens when there's stagnation of the mind, and you feel like you're in an airless room. It takes time to reconcile these many threads and to find a singularity of thought.

You change your style and even persona more than most, as you play different roles. You enjoy the trends of fashion, music and may have talent as a shapeshifting actor-type. You often have a striking look or are an early adopter of technology. Your mutable nature allows you to be friends with all kinds of people, but you like to keep a light hold. You need to keep moving and feel free, and others experience you as a breath of fresh air….

Even though you love to talk, public speaking may be nerve-wracking for you. You can become overwhelmed with nerves, and psyche yourself out with racing thoughts. Learning to relax your high-strung nerves is a lifelong lesson. Meditation or yoga would be an incredible anchoring tool for you.

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Hematite is a great grounding stone, and a version of your chart ruler, Mercury.