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In mythology, the story of the famous twins, Castor and Pollux exemplifies the essentially dual nature of this sign: one twin is a mortal, the other dwells with the gods, and this sibling separation brings both agony and fascination as the twins meet up now and then to compare notes. Studying the fascinating dualities in people and in all aspects of life is something this sign loves to do. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the ancient god of the intellect and swift communication, which makes this sign a natural communicator, teacher, writer and go-between.

Gemini excels at making connections between apparently disparate subjects and people. Like the restless butterfly, Gemini does not want to dwell long on ponderous details. In general, Gemini hates two things: boredom and emotional displays. Geminian energy is notoriously asexual and amoral: examining information from all sides and with a sharp mercurial objectivity gives them the right they believe!

This is the work of Hermes who dwells forever on the boundaries, linking opposites in unexpected ways. Geminian energy requires mobility and space for experimentation; it is playful, searching, sociable, perceptive, categorising, refreshing, insightful and sometimes annoyingly irresponsible.

Gemini can easily skim the surface of life, and easily gets bored. This is the Peter Pan of the zodiac, forever resisting the commitment of adulthood, forever keeping all options open. If it is ever to embrace the richness of the inner Gemini paradox, Gemini must delve into its darker side — the other twin. Planets in Gemini will express their energies in an alert, restless, rational way. If Gemini is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, you will always need variety and stimulation, and much of your life path will focus on the development of mental concentration and verbal and written communication.

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The actor John Barrymore was a Gemini and succinctly expressed the Geminian duality and wit:. As the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents the great ocean of life and the emotional bonds which link us to a nuclear family, to a specific past, and because of these roots, also to the future.

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But the crab is a creature of both sea and land, and this shows the predilection for Cancerian individuals to partake of both watery, imaginative depths as well as the secure homes into which they scuttle when danger appears. Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians are very emotional and their moods wax and wane with an irrational, unfathomable logic. One minute they may be clear-headed, affectionate and helpful, the next minute dreamy or sulking and withdrawn. Like the cycles of the Moon and the tides of the sea, there is an emotional coherence and timing to their feeling states, and when they emerge from a period of mysterious brooding they are at their most creative.

Cancerian characteristics include sensitivity, intuition, compassion, devotion, and a deep urge to be needed and appreciated. But Cancer is not only poetic and imaginative; it is also a sign with a shrewd business sense and an ability to understand and work well with the tides of economic change. They often have an uncanny capacity to intuit public sentiment, and so can manipulate or use this talent to good effect in writing, journalism and public affairs. Cancerian energy needs something to nurture and fuss over, like a mother hen. Essentially, cancerians need to feel they are part of something, and that the people or projects they are tending with their emotional energy are developing, growing, thriving, coming alive with the life they have given.

Planets in Cancer will express their energies in a sensitive, emotional, cautious way. If Cancer is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, you will seek to understand your emotional links with a living past so that you may best express your place within the family of man. The creative power of the Sun is symbolised by the kingly lion, a noble and dangerous beast whose rule is thwarted at the peril of any transgressor. In ancient Egypt it was the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet who symbolised the intuitive power and might of the solar deity. Leo is concerned with the unique creative gift of individuality, the need for recognition and respect shown towards that unique selfhood, and the desire to contribute authentically to the larger group.

Leo is the hero or heroine who is seeking to fulfil his or her own destiny, and this all-consuming concern often makes them mythologise their life. Not unlike the child who has discovered his ability to create, the Leo personality wants to be a centre of late whose warm rays are reflected back in an appreciative glow. This highlights a difference between Leo and the first fire sign Aries, for Leo is acutely aware of its impact on others and needs positive interaction and affirmation; whereas Aries is less needful of social feedback and usually prefers to pursue its goals alone.

Leonine energy is loyal, steadfast, and exudes confidence and largesse, but equally it can become dogmatic, arrogant and tyrannical. Strongly Leonine personalities are extremely subjective and self-absorbed and often invite rude reminders from others that the outer world does not revolve around them in the same way it does in their imaginations. But their intense idealism and commitment to the highest in themselves makes them fine leaders and organisers; their innate understanding of myth and drama very often draws them to professions involved with the theatre.

Leo needs a big canvas on which to splash, play and mould the meaning of his or her life. Without that personal meaning, life is simply not worth living for this kingly, radiant beast. Planets in Leo will express their energies in a wholehearted and authoritative way. If you have Leo strongly emphasised in your chart, much of your life will focus on expressing the radiance of your unique self and gaining recognition for your contribution to the collective.

Virgo is a negative, Mutable Earth sign whose place in the zodiacal cycle signifies another transition phase. The essence of Virgo is linked with the sacred integrity of the earth itself, and the intelligent laws of nature which, when respected by humans, allow us to cultivate and enjoy a wide variety of plants and herbs with nutritional, healing powers.

The Virgo personality expresses this principle in the need to be usefully engaged with his or her environment, and in order to do this Virgo will study, acquire knowledge and master the skills necessary to lead a useful, productive life. Virgoan qualities include quiet ingenuity, a desire to serve and to improve, versatility, analytical and critical thinking, self-doubt, modesty and self-sufficiency.

This Virgoan tendency to work hard in order to improve can make this individual very serious and self-critical: perfectionism is their aspiration and Achilles heel. Over-identification with work and obsessive perfectionism can create irritability and health problems, and often Virgo has to learn to take time out for frivolous enjoyment — something that does not come easy to this sign.

Being adept at ordering, categorising, and serving, Virgo is attracted to roles involving organisation, practical analysis, and often health care. But this same talent for precise focus and practical skill also makes Virgo an exceptionally fine craftsman and artist.

Planets in Virgo will express their energies in a practical and conscientious way. If Virgo is strongly emphasised in your chart, to a large extent your life will focus on making the daily round a ritual of service, on streamlining your talents, and mastering skills which bring greater efficiency and enjoyment in work. The happiness of man consists in life, and life is in labour The illustrations used in this chapter are 15th century symbols of the zodiac as presented in Poeticon Astronomicon de Mudi et Sphaera That the glyphs for Scorpio and Libra, the Scorpion and the Scales, are joined is testimony to an ancient legend about these two signs once being represented by a single figure.

This imagery relates to the constellation of these signs rather than to the tropical zodiac. Libra is a positive Cardinal Air sign and, like Aries, its opposite sign, it ushers in the time of equinoctial balance. But whilst Aries gives birth to the new life of spring, Libra offers thanksgiving for the beauty and harvest which is reaped in the autumn as the yearly cycle of nature is nearing its end.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony, social relationships and etiquette, love and beauty. In Egyptian mythology the goddess Maat represents this Libran principle: her activity was to weigh the hearts of the dead on the scales of truth; if there was proper balance, the soul could continue on its journey into eternity.

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It is this ideal balance in all things to which Libra aspires which is why one of their dominant qualities is idealism. Librans value equality and justice, and yet to achieve this end — to redress an imbalance — they may go to great lengths. An example of this is the Libran Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who sought to rectify political and economic imbalances that had come about through many years of socialist governments.

Another famous Libran political activist whose role was to fight extreme social injustice was Lech Walesa, the Polish trade unionist. Librans tend to be interested in people and often become very adept at managing people and getting the best out of them. Trying to consider many different viewpoints can make Libra chronically indecisive, and the need to keep the peace frequently forces others to respond with firmness, even anger.

Being an air sign, Libra prefers to rationally observe and discuss in an appropriate, respectful, civilised manner. Their idealism may take them into law and politics where they can pursue and, as in the case of Walesa, even fight for the ideals they believe in. Librans seek to communicate and may also express their creative struggle with dualistic paradoxes self and other, male and female, good and evil, light and dark through literature, theatre and art. Planets in Libra will express their energies in a civilised, considered, co-operative way.

If Libra is strongly emphasised in your chart, you will invest a great deal of personal energy in the dynamics of friendships and relationships, and these will be both a challenge and a source of great nourishment as you struggle to define yourself. Oscar Wilde expressed characteristic Libran style and wit, and one quote for which he is well known reveals his Libran insistence and social comportment:. Scorpio is a negative Fixed Water sign whose phase in the year in the northern hemisphere corresponds with the decrease of sunlight and the decaying of nature.

The connection of this sign with the revivifying powers of matter is crucial to understanding its mysterious essence. But since the discovery of Pluto, observations have shown that this planet has a more obvious affinity with the secretive and regenerative side of Scorpio. Scorpio has another mascot, too — the eagle, a bird of great ferocity and strength.

Scorpio is intensely emotional and powerfully aware of the more primitive emotions of human nature. This is an image of the power of instinctual life and the danger man risks in denying or repressing it. Scorpio grapples with this side of reality, and strives to develop the emotional courage to look at the darker side of life in order not to be deprived of the whole truth. Just as the decaying mulch of autumn leaves eventually enriches the soil, Scorpio senses the hidden capacity for new life and usefulness in the rejected and maimed souls of humanity.

All the same, this is their gift: they magnify emotions because they know that emotional truth is the hardest — and the most important — part of being human. Because they feel so intensely, they also have a fear of being controlled, and this gives rise to their secretiveness and mysterious charisma. But equal to their self-protection is their extraordinary commitment and devotion to those they love.

Because their traits are underpinned by such intensity of feeling, their negative characteristics appear excessive: possessive, revengeful, manipulative. But when they turn their exacting gaze on themselves, their courageous honesty and perceptiveness pays off for they thrive on the discovery of their hidden depth. Their fascination with human nature and power often takes them into medicine, psychology and politics.

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Hilary Clinton is a classic Scorpio who puts up a fierce fight for her beliefs as well as her position, even if it requires her to endure the sexual intrigues of her husband. As a water sign, Scorpio is painfully aware of human vulnerability and therefore of the need to protect the defenceless and to avenge abusers.

Planets in Scorpio will express their energies in a guarded but persistent way. If Scorpio is strongly emphasised in your birth chart, you will seek to probe and understand the intensities of human relationships and the complexities of the human appetite. Bram Stoker a double Scorpio , the author of Dracula, expressed Scorpionic themes in his work; the following quote, taken from that novel, gives a clear hint:.

Sagittarius is a positive Mutable Fire sign whose symbol is the half-man half-horse centaur clutching his bow and arrow and aiming towards some distant goal. Zeus, the great god of Olympus, presides over this sign through the embodiment of the planet Jupiter. One unforgettable facet of Zeus is his predilection for pursuing many paramours. This is an image of his prolific creativity and it is this that underpins the identity of this individual: the sense that he or she can pursue what at one point feels like the impossible and move forward into more exciting, more meaningful horizons.

In Anglo-Norman times it was Leun. In Greek and Roman myth this was respectively Leon and Leo , representing the Nemean Lion , originally from the moon, and, after his earthly stay, carried back to the heavens with his slayer Hercules , where he became the poet's Nemeaeus ; Nemeas Alumnus ; Nemees Terror ; Nemeaeum Monstrum ; and, in later times, No Animal Nemaeo truculento of Camoes. Bacchi Sidus was another of its titles, that god always being identified with this animal, and its shape the one usually adopted by him in his numerous transformations; while a lion's skin was his frequent dress.

The Egyptian king Necepsos, and his philosopher Petosiris, taught that at the Creation the sun rose here near Denebola ; and hence Leo was Domicilium Solis, the emblem of fire and heat, and, in astrology, the House of the Sun, governing the human heart, and reigning in modern days over Bohemia, France, Italy, and the cities of Bath, Bristol, and Taunton in England, and our Philadelphia. It was a fortunate sign, with red and green as its colors; and, according to Ampelius, was in charge of the wind Thrascias mentioned by Pliny, Seneca, and Vitruvius as coming from the north by a third northwest.

Ancient physicians thought that when the sun was in this sign medicine was a poison, and even a bath equally harmful! The adoption of this animal's form for a zodiac sign has fancifully been attributed to the fact that when the sun was among its stars in midsummer the lions of the desert left their accustomed haunts for the banks of the Nile, where they could find relief from the heat in the waters of the inundation; and Pliny is authority for the statement that the Egyptians worshiped the stars of Leo because the rise of their great river was coincident with the sun's entrance among them.

For the same reason the great Androsphinx is said to have been sculptured with Leo's body and the head of the adjacent Virgo; although Egyptologists maintain that this head represented one of the early kings, or the god Harmachis. Distinct reference is made to Leo in an inscription on the walls of the Ramesseum at Thebes, which, like the Nile temples generally, was adorned with the animal's bristles; while on the planisphere of Denderah its figure is shown standing on an outstretched serpent.

The Egyptian stellar Lion, however, comprised only a part of ours, and in the earliest records some of its stars were shown as a Knife, as they now are as a Sickle. Kircher gave its title there as Pimentekeon, Cubitus Nili. It was the tribal sign of Judah, allotted to him by his father Jacob as recorded in Genesis xlix, 9, and confirmed by Saint John in The Revelation v, 5; Landseer suggesting that this association was from the fact that Leo was the natal sign of Judah and so borne on his signet-ring given to Tamar.

On Ninevite cylinders Leo is depicted as in fatal conflict with a bull, typifying the victory of light over darkness; and in Euphratean astronomy it was additionally known as Gisbar-namru-sa-pan, variously translated, but by Bertin as the Shining Disc which precedes Bel; the latter being our Ursa Major, or in some way intimately connected therewith.

Hewitt says that it was the Akkadian Pa-pil-sak, the Sceptre, or the Great Fire; and Sayce identifies it with the Assyrian month Abu, our July-August, the Fiery Hot; Minsheu assigning as the reason for this universal fiery character of the constellation, "because the sunne being in that signe is most raging and hot like a lion. During the 12th century it was the only animal shown on Anglo-Norman shields.

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As a zodiacal figure it was of course entirely different from the ancient Asad of Arabia, that somewhat mythical Lion extending from Gemini over our Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and parts of other constellations, both north and south of the zodiac; but the later Arabians also adopted Ptolemy's Leo and transferred to it the Asad of the early constellation. This appeared in the various corrupted forms cited by Bayer, — Alasid, Aleser, Asis, Assid, and others similar, of which Assemani gives a long list; Schickard adding Alasado and Asedaton; and Riccioli, specially mentioning Asid and Ellesed, cautioned his readers against the erroneous Alatid and Alezet.

It contained the 8th nakshatra Moon Mansion , Magha, Mighty, or Generous; as also the 9th and 10th, Purva, and Uttara, Phalguni, the Former, and the Latter, Phalguni, a word of uncertain meaning, — perhaps the Bad One, — the single station being represented by a Fig-tree, and the combined by a Bed or Couch. Of the sieu Chinese Moon Mansion , however, none appear in Leo, the Chinese having adopted, instead, stations among the stars of Hydra and Crater, so that many infer that their lunar asterisms were original with themselves.

In the later native solar zodiac of China the Lion's stars were the Horse, and in the earlier a part of the Red Bird; while Williams says that they also were Shun Ho, the Quail's Fire; but in the 16th century the Chinese formally adopted our Leo, translating it as Sze Tsze. It also was another of the Heavenly Chariots of imperial China. Its symbol, , has been supposed to portray the animal's mane, but seems more appropriate to the other extremity the tail ; the Hyginus of and the Albumasar of showing this latter member of extraordinary length, twisting between the hind legs and over the back, the Hyginus properly locating the star Denebola in the end; but the International Dictionary, in a more scholarly way, says that this symbol is a corruption of the initial letter of Leon.

Its drawing has generally been in a standing position, but, in the Leyden Manuscript, in a springing attitude, with the characteristic Sickle fairly represented.

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Young astronomers know the constellation by this last feature in the fore parts of the figure, the bright Regulus marking the handle; its other stars successively being eta, gamma, zeta, mu, and epsilon. Nor is this a recent idea, for Pliny is thought to have given it separately from Leo in his list of the constellations; but not much could have been left of the Lion after this subtraction except his tail.

Those who have studied the chart for England's Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana in will no doubt recall the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 5 degrees Libra, which in turn is being closely aspected by both Venus 5 degrees Virgo and the Sun 6 degrees Leo. But what may not have been noticed is the presence of Cupido 5 degrees Scorpio making aspects to these same planets, and thus adding its own "matrimonial" and "family" flavor to the occasion.

On the business side of Cupido, one might note the considerable "corporate restructuring" that was taking place during the early s, when transiting Pluto made a series of conjunctions with transiting Cupido. Since Kronos, the planet of royalty, was exactly trining this Pluto-Cupido "family developments" combination during much of this time as well, it is not surprising that significant changes both marriages and separations took place among the members of England's royal family at precisely this same time. The occult.

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Representing many of the more sordid or disagreeable sides of life, Hades is associated with waste, decay, illness, sorrow, and want -- as well as anything that is vulgar, crime-related, or crude. But it can also refer, without any unpleasant overtones, to antiques, ancient art, and other things from the distant past. Doctors and others in the healing and helping professions often have links between Hades and the Ascendant, thus reflecting the needs and problems of their clients.

Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Salk polio vaccine, has his natal Hades 21 degrees Pisces exactly trining the midpoint 21 degrees Scorpio of his close Mercury-Mars "walking," and other "motor skills" conjunction in Scorpio. On the other hand, the sextile present in film comedian Charlie Chaplin's chart between natal Hades 27 degrees Aquarius and the natal Sun 27 degrees Aries no doubt relates as much to his film image as the penniless tramp as it does to the poverty he experienced as a child.

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Zeus zoos Keywords: Controlled, directed energy. Machines; creativity; leadership. All things military. Combustion engines. A symbol of "controlled energy," Zeus is linked to all types of creative and procreative endeavors. It has an active, fiery nature, and lends considerable zest and drive to whatever it touches. Machinery, weapons, and the combustion engine are all related to Zeus, as are production lines and leadership activities.

In combination with Kronos and Vulcanus, Zeus has been found to have strong ties to the weapons and destructive power of modern warfare, and all three planets were closely linked throughout the entire period of World War II.