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But if the sign occupied by Rahu is aspected by Jupiter then due to the quality of that sign it tends to behave well. Aspects of the lords of auspicious bhavas such as the 5th and the 9th are particularly beneficial, and the aspects of the lords of evil bhavas such as the 6th, the 8th and the 12th are particularly malefic. According to the Tajika System , [6] that in practice is applied more to Varshaphal Annual Chart or a query-chart Horary astrology , the planetary aspect on the 5th and the 9th houses from itself is very strong, openly friendly and helpful, e.

The aspect on the 3rd and the 11th is secretly friendly but very helpful with the former being stronger, e. The aspect on the 4th and the 10th is secretly inimical, when planets forming such an aspect tend to produce bad results and cause disappointments, and on the 7th openly inimical, these aspects are unhelpful and often destructive.

Tajika aspects are deemed effective within 12 degrees either side of the aspected point.

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This principle is followed by Western astrology. Benefic aspects cast on the 2nd and the 12th give happiness but inimical aspect on 6th, 7th and 8th and on itself cause many hardships. Aspects of partial strength are not generally taken into account. The Tajika System also lays stress on the elevation gained by the aspecting planets.


Of course, the opposition and square aspects are not always evil. According to the Tajika System, where unlike the Parashari System the good or bad nature of an aspect is not as per the relation between the aspecting and the aspected planet or sign but on the kind of the aspect itself, Yogas are formed on the basis of applying aspect, and by full and separating aspect as formed between relatively slow and fast moving planets. According to the Jaimini System, [10] which is deemed complicated, and therefore, difficult to understand and apply, the Zodiacal signs aspect each other in their front excepting the adjoining signs, and those planets which occupy such signs will also aspect the planets situated in such bhavas.

All Chara rasis moveable signs aspect all Sthira rasis fixed signs and vice versa, and Dwiswabhava rasis common signs aspect each other. This system lays stress on various karakas whose determination differs from the Parasari system, e. Jaimini Sutra 1. For example, vide Jaimini Sutra 1. Planets and rasis aspect other planets according to their dispositions which aspects' influences are affected for good or bad by their presence from an aspecting lord or sign which are the affecting or influencing agencies called Argalas.

The 4th, the 2nd, 5th and the 11th from the aspecting body are Argalas, malefic in the 3rd give rise to evil Argala, planets in the 10th, 12th and 3rd from Argala cause obstruction to such Argala.

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If planets obstructing Argala are fewer or less powerful than those causing Argala, then the power of Argala cannot be affected, the houses or planets in the 5th and the 9th similarly influence the Argala but in case of Ketu the formation of Argala and obstruction to it must be calculated in the reverse order.

B v Raman explains that the Argalas, generated by the disposition of planets as stated above gets cancelled by presence of planets in the 10th, 12th, 3rd or 9th from the aspecting planet. Foreign element simply means things we do not understand or are unfamiliar with.

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  6. Ketu: Ketu's aspect on planets show a sense of separation and a desire to get away. Since Ketu shows our mastery over the things we have already accomplished in past lives, its conjunction, placement, and aspect shows where we feel the least amount of responsibility. At the same time, one has the ambition to experience those things again.

    Rahu and Ketu are illusionary planets, or better eclipse points of the Moon. Below is their aspect which is similar to Jupiter.

    Rahu Ketu Aspects:. The original scriptures of Jyotish written by Maha Rishi Prashara never talks about the aspects of Rahu and Ketu since they are blind planets and do not have light.


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    You cannot see them in the sky like other physical bodies. However, you also have to understand that Prashara Hora Shastra, the written text of original astrology, is an incomplete book in itself. The book wasn't a manual from A-Z. It was a code breaking text which required higher intuitive powers to comprehend this divine science.

    He left it incomplete because he wanted the rest of the information, which was just as valuable as the physical written text, to be accessed by the chosen ones.

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    Those individuals practice extensive sadhna meditation and live a sawtic lifestyle. Such sadhna exposed more information about Jyotish later in the timeline of India. The reason why the 5th and 9th House aspect has been assigned to Rahu and Ketu is due to their karmic effect. Rahu and Ketu show our past life karmas; of what we achieved and failed to achieve, and what we are to accomplish in this lifetime. There are many controversial topics within the jyotish community today…I daresay this has always been the case and not unique to our time.

    We need to consider also the fact that, although there are certain avasthas that state a planet is harmed when conjoined a Node or Saturn or Mars , these same group of avasthas do not even assign Rahu and Ketu an aspectual value in virupas as they are shadow planets, not planets with a form avasthas are ways to measure planetary strength.

    In the classics Rahu and Ketu are mainly ignored in this way. No doubt the planets affect by aspect the houses occupied by the nodes obvious logic but the Nodes themselves neither cast nor receive any aspect directly. The nodes however, having no physical body, are incapable of casting any aspect.

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    Their influence, according to the wise sages, as well as the laws of nature, is confined to their own mathematical position…this, after all, is just what they are…a mathematical point on the ecliptic where the Moon intersects as it orbits the earth.